ABOUT SIJCON : Design Engineering Project Management Company, EPC

SIJCON was founded in 1961 as a

Design Engineering Project Management Company, EPC

. In the beginning of the 1960's India was entering into a rapid industrialization and development phase where such services were required. Technical competence, enthusiasm and diligence were combined into a single concentrated effort to participate in the construction of the nation.


Since its incorporation SIJCON has maintained a policy of innovation, continually adopting the most progressive techniques both in Design and Construction. SIJCON started working in the international scenario since 1967 and as a result the company has expanded globally.

Functional, Imaginative, Aesthetically pleasing Architecture within the framework of a realistic construction budget has been the operational philosophy and policy of SIJCON, since its inception in 1961. Today SIJCON offers clients a comprehensive range of Planning and Design services in a host of different fields:

  • Textile plants, Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Garments, and Technical Textiles
  • Sugar Factories and Distilleries
  • Petro-Chemical plants and Derivatives
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Electronics, White goods and Brown goods manufacturing plants
  • Automobile manufacturing plants and Automobile Ancillary plants
  • Engineering Industries
  • Educational & Institutional Buildings
  • Housing Complexes
  • Specific Industrial & Infrastructural Projects
  • Green Building with specific focus on Industrial buildings

SIJCON has consistently added value to its clients properties. With more than five decades of experience, the firm has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a project and create just the right strategy to maximize its value.


SIJCON as Architects, assures success to the promoter by providing state-of-the-art architecture with quality and cost effective solutions. Furthermore, the engineering is moulded by tailoring it to the project requirements typical of the industry and the current industry and standards.


Our design ethos is about 'pushing the envelope' to create places of beauty, whilst simultaneously meeting extremely complex functional and technical challenges. Our work is highly collaborative and sympathetic to all the site-specific nuances that forge particular needs and build environments. The client is always our partner in creating places that are pivotal in serving the most fundamental needs of the industry.